Co-Rotating Extruder


Extrusion is a short-time high-temperature process which is successfully applied for both food and feed mill industries. The operation principle of extruders is determined by the technological essence of an extrusion process. Extrusion is a complex physico-chemical process which goes under the influence of mechanical force, moisture and high-temperature.
The processed product is heated up due to the transformation of mechanical energy into heat which is escaped at overcoming an internal friction and plastic deformation of the product or due to external heating. The changeable parameters of extrusion process are raw material content, its nature and humidity. During an extrusion, changes of temperature, pressure, duration and intensity of the influence on raw material are possible.
For the realization of extrusion process screw extruder in which the basic driven element is a screw of a special construction rotating in the cylindrical housing is applied. The forming matrix is installed on the housing end.
MGPL manufactures Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders for food and plastic industries. The extruder models differ by design of the elements of the driven part, the amount of working chambers, the presence of additional systems expanding the technological opportunity of extruders, feeders design, drives, etc. The cylindrical form of the driven part is the most adjusted to production and therefore has lower cost of manufacture.
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