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To understand what extruder is, you must first understand what extrusion process is. Extrusion is the process in which any material usually pellets, plastic, metal bar stock, dry powder and rubber, or even food is heated and pushed through a die. A die is essentially a mould that shapes the material in desired shape and size as it is forced through the small opening to the other side. It’s one of the most common ways to produce sheets and strips of stock metal, plastic and rubber shapes.

An extruder is simply a machine used for the extrusion process. Using a system of barrels and cylinders, the machine heats up the product and propel it through the die to create the desired shape.


Extruder can be used to create a wide variety of usable products by shaping various materials. Extrusion process aims to physico-chemically transform continuously viscous polymeric media to produce high quality structured products thanks to the accurate control of processing conditions.

Mayuresh Gears Pvt. Ltd. (MGPL) manufactures MGPL Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders as per client specifications. In our twin screw extrusion process, the raw materials could be solids such as powders, granulates, flours or liquids, slurries. Extruded products are plastics compounds, chemically modified polymers, textured food and feed products, cellulose pulps, etc. Since 2014, we have been catering to plastic industry to manufacture thousands of recycled plastic products in various categories.

MGPL manufactures three types of Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders

  • MGPL Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders for plastic industry for compounding and batch
  • MGPL Lab Extruders for Small Batch Production, Product Development, Material Research and Testing, Quality Control and for Education and Training purposes.
  • MGPL Food Extruders for food processing industry.


No. Many devices that are technically extruders are meant for individual, personal use and must be operated by hand. Manufacturers, however, require much larger, more sophisticated industrial extruders. It all depends on the scope of your operation and the standards of your industry. At MGPL we make custom made machines as per your industrial requirement.

Capacity is another important factor. For large batches and maximum capacity, the company may need the High Volume Twin Screw Extruder. Meanwhile, a company that specializes in research and development would probably do well with low-volume Lab Extruders for producing and testing their products in small batches.

What you need depends on the applications, volumes, shapes and materials required to get the job done.


If you think your company would benefit from an extruder, contact MGPL. We’ll work with you to get a better understanding of your goals and needs, and recommend an extruder to meet them. We keep lab-scale, small and mid-production extrusion equipment in stock, and we can also develop custom extrusion equipment to suit your specific applications. Get started with MGPL today.