Creating value with recycled and reprocessed plastic wastes began in the 1990s. Spurred on by environmental concerns, demand for recycled materials has continued to grow. Twin-screw extrusion technology is ideally suited to process recycled plastics that comply with the highest sustainable development standards. Mayuresh Gears Pvt. Ltd. has developed MGPL Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder to efficiently and cost-effectively produce a wide range of recycled and reprocessed plastic compounds.
MGPL Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder offers:Recycling of compostable plastics (Not possible with single screw extruder)

  • Optimum product quality and process flexibility
  • Continuous and efficient feed of low density products followed by mixing, blending and possibly chemical reactions
  • Controlled melting, cooling, forming and degassing, including high initial water content raw materials
  • Convenient incorporation of fillers, fibers, pigments, etc. to create value added products
  • Dedicated screw profiles, ensuring mixing quality

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