Co-Rotating Extruder


Lab Extruder is a small scale version of large scale extruder. There are various types of extruder machines that are meant to produce small batches of materials, such as those used in research and development and testing departments across industries.
These small extruders can be table mounted or can be fixed to a mobile or custom base to meet the needs of any lab space or facility layout. MGPL Lab Extruders have a wide range of part shapes and sizes, including auger, barrel, screw and die configurations. Depending on your lab’s needs, stainless steel and carbon steel construction options are available. With MGPL, the potential for customization is almost limitless.
Plastic, food and pharmaceutical companies constantly keep improving their processes and formulations. Research and development is the foundation of every product improvement and expansion of product line. MGPL manufactures Co-rotating Twin Screw Lab Extruders with the focus on the optimal adjustment of a process at a laboratory scale. We make made-to-order Lab Extruders for plastic and food industries to meet the desired requirements. Our Lab Extruders allow the user the flexibility to adjust the machine as per their production line.
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