Co-Rotating Extruder


MGPL Co-rotating twin screw extruders have remarkable mixing capability and high quality output. The main parts of twin screw extruder are screw, barrel and gear box which are indigenously made in-house. Given below is the brief description of functioning of some of the main components of our twin screw extruders.
SCREW: We use segmented twin screws which give the advantage of different configuration in process that allows the best combination for every application. Twin screws are made from special nitride steel which gives long life without wear and abrasion. We provide screw segments with different designs for various purposes like mixing, conveying and kneading etc. As screw consists of various segments, this reduces downtime of machine drastically.
GEARBOX: Manufacturing Helical Twin Screw Gearbox is our specialty. It provides required speed as well as torque needed for movement of screw. Gearbox is oil cooled and lubricated. The heat exchanger is also provided for cooling the gear oil.
BARREL: We use segmented Barrel. It is made from special nitride steel and hardened. The peculiar shape of barrel bore provides easy material flow and continuous material transfer so we can get higher output. Depending upon twin screw size and material to be processed, we provide water circulation system or air circulation – with every zone of barrel. Each barrel section has a housing and attached blower and heater.
PANEL: The working of co-rotating twin screw extruder is totally controlled by an electric panel. We provide VFD drive to control speed of machine.
OTHER PARTS: We also provide high quality electric motors, heaters and blowers etc.
MGPL always manufactures co-rotating twin screw extruders for plastic and food industry as per client requirement and offers pan India after sales service.
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